Lipstick & Bullets: The Guerrilla Indie Film School Edition

Indie Film Hustle Presents: Lipstick and Bullets: Guerrilla Film School Edition is a collection of revenge films by international award winning writer/director Alex Ferrari, who exploded onto the indie film scene with his break-through film BROKEN.

Shot on a budget of just $8000 and boasting over 100 visual FX shots, BROKEN became an instant indie film classic. He went on to sell close to $100,000 in DVDs by self distributing BROKEN.

He followed up BROEKN with the sweet and spicy film CYN, followed by the adrenalin filled Red Princess Blues (Starring Academy Award® Nominee Robert Forster (Jackie Brown), Richard Tyson (Black Hawk Down), Rachel Grant (James Bond 007) and the stylish Japanese Anime Red Princess Blues: Genesis (Starring Lance Henriksen (Aliens).

These films have screened in over 500 international film festivals and have won countless awards around the world. The critics agree:

"BROKEN is essentially a demonstration of the mastery of horror imagery and techniques...effective and professional. Looking forward to BROKEN: The Feature." - Roger Ebert (Chicago SunTimes)

Included in this collection is over 6 hours of a guerrilla indie film school (over 50 videos). L&B goes through pre-production, production, post production and what to do after your done shooting your indie film. The Ultimate Indie Filmmaker's Collection.

This Edition Includes: 10 Commentary Tracks covering:

Visual Effects
Music Score/Sound Design
Cast and Crew
Film Geeks Unite


Storyboards: The ENTIRE Collection
Storyboards: Comparison with Final Shots
Concept Art / Location Comparison
Costume Design Gallery
Rehearsal Comparison with Final Scene
Blocking Action in a Scene
Evolution of an Action Sequence
A Director's Best Friend - Finding Your Shot
Casting an Indie Film
Designing a Cinematic World


Production: Recipe: "How to Make a Guacamole Gun"
Special Effects Make-up Breakdown
Indie Film Stunt School
How to Get Pro Looking Guns with Little or No $$$
Tips on Producing an Indie Film
Fly on the Wall: Shooting BROKEN
Breaking Down Stunts: RPB
Fight Sequence Breakdown: RPB
Black Arts: Practical Effects


Color Correction Comparison
Visual Effects Breakdowns
Title Sequence Breakdown
Visual Effects in Indie Film
Cinematography in Indie Film
Sound Design/Composing in Indie Film


After the Short: The Making of BROKEN
Marketing: Promoting a Short Film
How to Design a Film Website
Breaking Down the Marketing: BROKEN
Breaking Down the Marketing: CYN
Breaking Down the Marketing: Red Princess Blues

Also interviews, behind the scenes, and much more.


BOUNS: You also get the PDF Download of "The Art of BROKEN"

A hefty 114 page artbook that illustrates the long pre-production and production process that artists Dan Cregan, Ken Robkin and director Alex Ferrari went through creating all aspects of the award winning short film BROKEN. This tribute showcases conceptual art, character designs, on-set photos, full short film screenplay, and visual effects breakdowns.

This book will whet the appetite of any BROKEN enthusiast with never before released artwork from the feature film version. This pictorial feast is a must-have for any indie filmmaker, art connoisseur, or film fan. It is proof that an indie film can be taken to a higher level. (Valued at $50.00)


BOUNS EBOOK: Six Secrets to Get into Film Festival Cheap or FREE!

This eBook explains how Alex Ferrari got all of his short film placed into over 500 international film festivals with little or no money. This is worth the price of admission!



You'll get ALL the promotional artwork, concept art, movie posters, and teaser posters so you can see how each film was marketed and promoted to the market place.


If you are going to make an independent film, this collection is a must have! Go make your movie and tell your story! I hope I can help you along the way!